App Lab Games for Meta Quest 2 & 3

App Lab Games for Meta Quest 2 & 3

While there are hundreds of curated experiences available on the Meta Store, Meta's stringent standards limit the entry of games deemed worthy of the platform. However, for indie developers or those seeking early access, App Lab emerges as the gateway to innovation and experimentation.

This article is carefully curated to enhance your Meta Quest 2 and 3 experience and will give rise to a diverse collection of experiences that might not have seen the light of day on the mainstream platform.

1. Hibow

Instead of confining players to static environments, HIBOW introduces dynamic battle royale scenarios where archers not only shoot foes but also employ their bows to catapult through the air. This departure from the norm adds an exhilarating layer to the archery experience, creating a game that is as much about precision shooting as it is about aerial maneuvering.

What sets HIBOW apart is its diverse array of ammunition types, keeping the gameplay consistently fresh and engaging. Players can strategically choose from various arrow types, each serving a unique purpose in the heat of battle.


Motion controls that are physics-based are one of the key defining characteristics of BIG BALLERS VR. Dribble, jump, and dunk have touched reality adding the real feel of control and precision with which players can enjoy immersive content.

One of the defining features of BIG BALLERS VR is its commitment to realism through physics-based motion controls. Every dribble, every jump, and every dunk feels authentic, providing players with a level of control and precision that adds to the overall immersive experience.

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3. We Are One Demo

As a "sproutling" in a world infested with evil mechanical foes, players take on the role of a character granted the power to clone and transport themselves into the past. This lends an interesting turn to the traditional co-op shooter, where victory does not merely hinge on meeting current challenges but also setting up for subsequent meetings.

We Are One Demo motivates players not just to accept impossible odds but also to do things that will serve the benefit of subsequent versions of themselves, which makes the gameplay experience challenging and interesting at once.

4. Pavlov Shack Beta

In the expansive landscape of multiplayer shooters for Meta Quest 2, one title rises above the rest, offering both an immersive experience and a budget-friendly option: Pavlov Shack Beta. Developed for Meta Quest 2 and 3 and available through the App Lab platform, Pavlov Shack not only captures the essence of classic military shooters but does so with a unique appeal and a cost of entry that's hard to beat.

While other notable VR shooters like Onward, SUPERHOT VR, and BONELAB dominate the Meta Store, Pavlov Shack takes the spotlight by providing a similar experience, all while being completely free. This distinction not only opens the doors for a diverse player base but also solidifies Pavlov Shack as a top choice for those looking to engage in multiplayer action without breaking the bank.

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5. Noclip VR

Noclip VR sets itself apart through its innovative locomotion system, providing players with a distinct and immersive way to navigate the virtual environment. Even if you are navigating varied levels, solving puzzles, or interacting with beings, the locomotion features of this game contribute to a novel and immersive experience.

However, Noclip VR introduces an intriguing twist: the risk of "noclipping" out of reality into the enigmatic Backrooms. Once you cross into this alternate dimension, you're met with the stink of old moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, the endless hum of fluorescent lights, and a seemingly infinite expanse of randomly segmented empty rooms.

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6. Aim XR

Aim XR stands out by providing an accessible entry point into the world of multiplayer shooting. The intuitive design of the game allows players of all skill levels to jump right into intense online battles without needing a steep learning curve.

The game caters to various tastes by providing both online and offline play features. 5V5 this format is fast paced and more like one can play in a fiercer battle with other online players. Among other things, offline game mode against bots gives quite an opportunity for those who prefer playing alone or in more relaxed atmosphere.

7. Harvest VR

Harvest VR puts players in the middle of nature and countryside where they can find a virtual haven to lovely natural scenes. With breathtaking graphics and an atmosphere of serenity, the game provides a peaceful environment for involvement in the pleasure of farming within an artificial countryside.

It goes beyond just cultivating crops and bringing in a sort of market where characters can sell newly grown vegetables. Earning money allows for the purchase of new tools, unlocking further possibilities for farm management.

8. Open Brush

Open Brush inherits the legacy of Tilt Brush, a popular room-scale 3D-painting VR application developed by Skillman & Hackett. The defining feature of Open Brush lies in its ability to let users paint in three-dimensional space.

The virtual environment becomes a canvas where users can create intricate designs, sculptures, or immersive scenes with the stroke of a virtual brush.  From conventional brushes to unconventional options like stars, light, and even fire, the expansive range of choices empowers users to experiment and create unique visual experiences.

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9. Gorilla Soccer

Drawing inspiration from the locomotion dynamics of Gorilla Tag, Gorilla Soccer players can run, jump, and hit the ball using only their virtual gorilla hands, bringing a unique and entertaining flair to the traditional soccer simulation genre.

This playful concept infuses humor and lightheartedness into the standard sports simulation genre, delivering an experience that goes beyond expectations, offering a fresh perspective on virtual soccer.

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10. HAX Demo

HAX takes a bold step by transforming the ordinary magazine into a multifaceted tool that goes beyond being a mere canister of bullets. In this VR shooter, the magazine becomes a versatile instrument, encompassing grenades, melee weapons, ammunition for various firearms, and even a hacking device.

The VR medium is used to its full potential, allowing players to interact with their arsenal in ways previously unexplored. From the moment you step into the game, the inventive approach to weaponry and inventory management will have you questioning why such ideas weren't implemented before.

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From innovative shooters to serene farming simulations and 3D painting in virtual reality, these titles redefine the gaming landscape, offering diverse adventures for every preference. Notably, the cost-effectiveness of many games demonstrates that exceptional gaming experiences need not come with a hefty price.