Best 3D Printed VR Accessories For Quest 2 And Download Links (2024)

Best 3D Printed VR Accessories For Quest 2 And Download Links (2024)

When it comes to 3D printing, designers all over the world have shown a lot of creativity. Technology has enabled inventors and innovators to create concepts that spring into their thoughts without having to resort to expensive manufacturing techniques.

There are several virtual reality devices on the market, as well as VR accessories that may be 3D printed at your own home or purchased. The virtual reality industry is booming, and everyone wants to know which VR headsets are the finest on the market. As this new technology evolves, a number of DIY and store-bought accessories have emerged.

We're all fascinated by the concept of immersing ourselves in a virtual world. When it comes to what's possible in the virtual world, there are numerous alternatives.

The community of 3D printing innovators is taking notice of this industry, designing unique VR accessories that can be printed at home. You can also buy a few beneficial accessories to improve your experience in virtual reality.

Top 13 3D Printed Quest 2 Accessories And Recommendations

1. Oculus Quest 2 / Quest / Rift S Universal Lens Protector By Tanvach

Oculus Quest 2  Quest  Rift S Universal Lens Protector

To keep your glasses from smashing with the Quest 2 headset lenses, just clip these 3D-printed universal lens protector by Tanvach onto the lens adaptor mount. When you don't want to use a facial interface lens insert to achieve the best field of view, this is a good option.

There are three sizes to choose from. The standard size must be suitable for most adult glasses. If you need additional protection from curved glasses, thick and extra thick versions are 2mm & 4mm thicker, respectively.

If you don't want to wear glasses, ZyberVR's prescription lens inserts are the best option. It features a durable aluminum alloy frame with 3 powerful magnets for long-term use.

Option 2Oculus prescription lens adaptor (Quest 2, Quest and Rift S)

2. Quest 2 - ping pong paddle for Eleven Table Tennis By Sanlaki

Quest 2 - ping pong paddle for Eleven Table Tennis By Sanlaki

Eleven Table Tennis has more extensive gaming features and player personalization than other Quest 2 table tennis games. This allows you greater flexibility as to how your battles play out, which would be useful if you want to improve your skills.

This 3D-printed ping pong paddle by Sanlaki will enhave your Eleven Table Tennis experience as it's simple to assemble and comfortable to grip. To use, simply switch your paddle setting into "VR adapter" then you're ready to go.

To print, secure the Quest 2 controller with a 20 mm velcro strap, which you can tie with one of your fingers. The weight with the Quest 2 controller is 200 g with 15% grid infill and 2 walls, but you can reduce it further by using a lightweight AAA battery and AAA to AA adapter and removing the battery cover.

ZyberVR also offer ping pong handles that are available in blue and red colors. It is simple to put up and disassemble, and it is ideal for immersing yourself in the Eleven Table Tennis VR game.

3. Oculus Quest 2 Wall Mount Set By Lensfort

3D PrintedOculus Quest 2 Wall Mount Set By Lensfort

Lensfort's 3D-printed Quest 2 Wall Mount Set is specifically made for the Quest 2 headset and its controllers. To mount the Quest 2 headset, place it up to the mounted wall then slowly slide down so the lenses may not be scratched by the edges.

To fit your wall type, you'll need 2 pieces of 5mm screws. Alternatively, choose the stick version so you would be able to cling to a wall without the use of screws.

Wall mounts for Quest 2 headset and controllers are necessary nowadays so you could maximize the unused wall space in your home and to keep your most treasured gadget safe and secured.

Similarly, you can also purchase ZyberVR all-metal wall mounted stand.

4. Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap Battery Mount By Odroidz

Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap Battery Mount by Odroidz

With this elite strap battery mount, the battery mount does not push into the back of your head, and the extra distance allows you to adjust the strap while the battery pack is attached. The charging LEDs can be seen on the back, and the button is located at the bottom of the battery mount.

5. Oculus Quest 2 Saber Handles by Nelmo

3D Printed Saber Handles for Oculus Quest 2 by Nelmo

This 3D-printed design by Nelmo can be used and customized in a variety of ways. Using the pass-through hole, you can comfortably utilize the original rope Quest 2 controller strap with these 3D-printed handles, or you can add optional velcro hand straps. The 2nd version of Nelmo’s Beat Saber Handles has the following features:

  • Quick attachment and detachment from the controllers
  • Ergonomic enhancements for a variety of hand positions
  • Improved design
  • Various side button designs
  • Accessibility straps and top-panel attachment are still supported

If you play Beat Saber, Golf, Kayak, and other Oculus games that need extended handles, ZyberVR All-in-one Extended Handles is the right match for you! You can make your controller lighter for increased speed with 4x 30 g removable weight bars, or train at a higher level with increased weights for stability and strength.

And ZyberVR also have a lite version handles for people who only need the dual handles mode.

6. Oculus Quest 2 Headphone Mount (Koss KSC75) By Budgiesarecool

3D Printed Oculus Quest 2 Headphone Mount (Koss KSC75) by budgiesarecool

This is an audio solution to improve the sound quality on Quest 2. To assemble, you only need to follow these steps:

Insert the main pin into the strap cliptill it snaps into position.

Insert the spring pin into main pin and twist it a few times with pliers to loosen the fit before removing spring pin.

Align the holes in the sliding hinge with the holes in the main pin, then press the spring pin through both parts.

Put the sliding hinge into the arm and slide it upwards. To break in grooves, slide up and down multiple times.

7. Knuckle-style Strap for Oculus Quest 2 TPU By Thatdude902

3D Printed Knuckle-style Strap for Oculus Quest 2 TPU by thatdude902

This is a knuckle strap printed in TPU and PLA with 20% infill at 0.24 mm for the Quest 2 Touch controllers. It may work on other VR controllers, but it must be tied differently. It works well with TPU since it is more comfortable in the hand. Furthermore, unlike paracord or strings, it does not slide around.

8. TPU Oculus Quest 2 (and maybe** Quest 1) Controller Cover Protectors By Hodgepodge_foxe

3D Printed TPU Oculus Quest 2 Controller Cover Protectors

These are 3D-printed Quest 2 controller protection or decorative covers. The holes allow the IR LEDs to be tracked properly. It was intended to be printed in TPU and slid onto the controller.

9. Oculus Quest 2 controller Pistol Grips By Bluefreddo

3D Printed Oculus Quest 2 controller Pistol Grips

This pistol grip is suitable for the Pistol Whip. These are self-retaining and slide into place, gripping the controller tightly. It works with wrist and hand straps and features a simple support free print.

ZyberVR also offers gun stock grips for your Quest 2 controllers to protect them from falling down while playing your favorite Quest 2 shooting games.

10. Magnetic Gunstock for Oculus Quest 1, Quest 2 By Sanlaki

The controller mounts are available in two magnet strengths. Pull force for trigger hand is 90 lbs, while pull force for reload hand is 60 lbs. This prevents you from unmounting the wrong Quest 2 controller while reloading. They can also be readily installed and uninstalled from the controllers with no additional tools required.

11. Oculus QUEST 2 NoobTube (rifle and submachine gun grip) By Toposolitario

The controller is located in the center of a 55 cm long rod. Rubber bands are used to keep the controller in place, however you can simply tighten the wrist band and the controller to do so.

12. Sleek DUAL gun stock for Quest 1 and Quest 2 By Sanlaki

The magnetic snap design on top of this 3D-printed dual gun stock gives it a natural feel. It also works with a variety of weapons that comes with a buttstock extension for taller users.

Printing settings:

  • 45% to 65% triangle infill for controller mounts
  • 60% to 75% triangle infill for the coupler
  • The rest has 15 to 30% infill