Gorilla Tag Cosmetics - Everything You Need To Know

Gorilla Tag Cosmetics - Everything You Need To Know

Gorilla Tag cosmetics are fun additions that let you personalize your gorilla. These include hats, face accessories, badges, and more. While they don't affect gameplay mechanics, they add a layer of fun and personal expression.

What Are Gorilla Tag Cosmetics?

Cosmetics were first introduced to Gorilla Tag on March 18, 2021, with the Early Access Supporter DLC. Initially, the selection was quite basic, featuring simple designs limited to hats, faces, and badges. These early cosmetics were designed to give players a taste of personalization without overwhelming the simplicity of the game.

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The big change came on September 19, 2021, with the introduction of the City map. This expansion brought a wealth of new cosmetics with improved designs and themes. Previously, only a single additional item, the Banana Hat, had been added since the initial release. The City update, however, marked a significant expansion, offering a wide variety of new items and setting the stage for future updates.

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List Of Gorilla Tag Cosmetics

  1. Hats: These are worn on the head and range from simple caps to elaborate headgear.
  2. Faces: Face cosmetics include items like glasses, masks, and other facial accessories.
  3. Badges: These can be articles of clothing, pins, or other items worn on the chest.
  4. Holdables: Items that your gorilla can hold, adding a new layer of interaction.
  5. Slingshots: Used in the Paintbrawl mode, these cosmetics add functionality for combat.
  6. Gloves: Worn on the wrists or hands, these add another layer of customization.
  7. Sets: Bundles that include items from multiple categories, providing a cohesive look.
  8. Aviators: These stylish sunglasses can be purchased for 1000 Shiny Rocks and add a cool look to any gorilla.
  9. Banana Hat: A fun and quirky hat that costs 2000 Shiny Rocks.
  10. Coconut Hat: Another popular hat, available for 2000 Shiny Rocks, that gives your gorilla a tropical vibe.
  11. Cowboy Hat: For 1500 Shiny Rocks, you can turn your gorilla into a cowboy.
  12. Sunhat: A simple yet charming hat that costs 1000 Shiny Rocks.
  13. Star Balloon: This item falls under the Balloon Cosmetics category. It can be held, released, and popped like a balloon, adding a playful element to your gorilla's look.
  14. Chocolate Donut Balloon: Another balloon cosmetic that behaves similarly, but with a delicious donut design.
  15. Diamond Balloon: A shiny and eye-catching balloon cosmetic that adds a touch of sparkle to your gorilla.

How To Get Gorilla Tag Cosmetics

Obtaining cosmetics in Gorilla Tag primarily revolves around using the in-game currency, Shiny Rocks. Here's how you can get your hands on these fun items:

1. In-Game Purchases

Cosmetics can be bought in the City area using Shiny Rocks. Each cosmetic has a different price, and players can accumulate Shiny Rocks through gameplay or purchase them with real money.

2. Events and Promotions

Sometimes, cosmetics are available through special events or promotions. These can be limited-time offers, so it's worth keeping an eye out for announcements from the developers.

3. Seasonal Rewards

During certain seasons or holidays, special cosmetics may be available as rewards for participating in themed events or completing specific challenges.

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How To Get Shiny Rocks In Gorilla Tag

Shiny Rocks are the primary currency used to purchase cosmetics in Gorilla Tag. They allow players to buy hats, faces, badges, and other fun items to personalize their gorillas.

1. Daily Login Bonus

One of the simplest ways to earn Shiny Rocks is by logging into the game daily. Players receive a small amount of Shiny Rocks just for checking in. This method is easy and ensures a steady accumulation of currency over time.

2. Weekly Challenges

Gorilla Tag often features weekly challenges that players can complete to earn Shiny Rocks. These challenges vary in difficulty and objectives, such as tagging a certain number of players, spending time in specific game modes, or achieving particular in-game feats. Completing these challenges is a fun way to engage with the game while earning rewards.

3. Purchasing with Real Money

For players who want to acquire cosmetics quickly, purchasing Shiny Rocks with real money is an option. The game offers various bundles of Shiny Rocks at different price points, allowing players to choose the amount that best fits their needs and budget. This method supports the developers and enables immediate access to desired cosmetics.

4. Seasonal Events

Gorilla Tag frequently hosts seasonal events, especially around holidays like Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. Participating in these events can reward players with Shiny Rocks or exclusive cosmetics. These events often include special challenges and mini-games that are both fun and rewarding.

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5. Special Promotions

Occasionally, the game developers run special promotions that offer bonus Shiny Rocks. These promotions might be tied to updates, anniversaries, or community milestones. Keeping an eye on Gorilla Tag’s official social media channels and announcements can help players stay informed about these opportunities.

6. Community Engagement and Contests

Engaging with the Gorilla Tag community can also lead to opportunities for earning Shiny Rocks. Developers sometimes host contests, such as fan art competitions or in-game performance challenges, where participants can win Shiny Rocks as prizes. Joining the official Gorilla Tag Discord server or following its social media pages can help players stay updated on these events.

7. Exploring New Maps and Modes

Some updates introduce new maps or game modes with specific objectives that reward players with Shiny Rocks upon completion. Exploring these new features and achieving the set goals can be a lucrative way to boost your Shiny Rock count.

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Gorilla Tag cosmetics enhance the social and creative aspects of the game. They provide players with endless opportunities to express their unique styles and personalities, making the game more engaging and enjoyable.