How To Access Horizon Workrooms

How To Access Horizon Workrooms

In the past year, the term "metaverse" has become a buzzword, promising to revolutionize how we interact, work, and play online. Among the many innovations in this space is Horizon Workrooms by Meta (formerly Facebook). Horizon Workrooms is a virtual office and meeting room environment designed to bring teams together in an immersive VR setting.

What Is Horizon Workrooms?

Horizon Workrooms is part of the larger Horizon platform, which includes areas for socializing, gaming, and events. Workrooms, however, focuses on professional collaboration, providing virtual meeting spaces where users can interact using their Meta avatars.

This VR environment aims to simulate the dynamics of an actual office, complete with virtual desks, whiteboards, and the ability to access and share your computer screen.

Getting Started With Horizon Workrooms

To get started with Horizon Workrooms, you'll need the following:

  1. Meta Quest 2 VR Headset
  2. Meta Account

Previously, you needed a Facebook account, but now you can use a separate Meta account for better privacy and data separation. While some functionalities are available on a desktop, the full experience requires a VR headset.

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Setting Up Your Horizon Workrooms

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up Horizon Workrooms:

  1. Use your Meta Quest 2 headset or the Meta Quest mobile app to download Workrooms from the Meta Quest Store.
  2. Go to and sign up with your Meta account.
  3. Use the Workrooms web app to set up your virtual office.
  4. Customize your virtual office by adding your company logo and choosing the layout.
  5. Install Meta Quest Remote Desktop from the Workrooms web app settings or directly from Meta’s website to access your real-world computer in the VR environment.

Using Horizon Workrooms

Once you’ve set up your Workroom, you can start exploring its features. Each user gets a personal virtual office where they can work on their real-world computer using the Meta Quest Remote Desktop app.

Hosting And Joining Meetings

Workrooms enables users to host and join virtual meetings. Here’s how:

  1. You can invite other users to your Workroom by sending them an invitation link.
  2. During meetings, participants can share their computer screens to display presentations or collaborate on projects.
  3. The persistent virtual whiteboard lets users brainstorm and jot down ideas that remain available in subsequent sessions unless deleted by the host.

Integration with Office Tools

Horizon Workrooms integrates with popular office tools such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, making it easy to schedule and join meetings. Non-VR participants can join meetings through a web app, ensuring that everyone can participate, regardless of their hardware setup.

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Benefits Of Using Horizon Workrooms

1. Enhanced Remote Collaboration

One of the primary advantages of Horizon Workrooms is its ability to enhance remote collaboration. The immersive VR environment allows for more natural interactions compared to traditional video conferencing tools. Avatars can express themselves with hand movements, body language, and facial expressions, making conversations feel more lifelike.

2. Increased Productivity

The combination of VR and traditional desktop tools in Workrooms can lead to increased productivity. Teams can work together on shared documents, use the virtual whiteboard for brainstorming sessions, and switch between different tasks without leaving the virtual environment.

3. Customization and Branding

Workrooms offer extensive customization options, allowing businesses to create a virtual office that reflects their brand. From adding logos to selecting different room layouts and themes, companies can tailor the environment to suit their needs and preferences.

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In using Horizon Workrooms, businesses can stay ahead of the curve, fostering a more connected and productive remote workforce. Whether you're a team leader looking to improve collaboration or an organization seeking innovative solutions for remote work, Horizon Workrooms offers a glimpse into the future of the workplace.