How To Charge Your PSVR2 Controllers

How To Charge Your PSVR2 Controllers

We all know what it’s like to be caught in the middle of a playing the best PSVR2 games, only to have the game suddenly pause as your controllers run out of juice. That's why investing in a reliable and efficient PSVR2 charging station is crucial for avid PlayStation virtual reality enthusiasts. With a high-quality charging station, you can ensure uninterrupted gameplay and a seamless VR experience.

How To Charge Your PSVR2 Controllers?

Charging your PSVR2 controllers is a simple and user-friendly process, similar to charging a standard smartphone. Follow the easy steps outlined below to ensure a seamless experience.

  1. Connect each of the controllers to a power source using a USB-C cable. Note that the PSVR2 package includes only one USB-C cable, meaning you'll have to charge your controllers one at a time.
  2. You can opt to charge your controllers through your PS5 system. Ensure the system is switched on for the charging process to occur unless you have tweaked your Power Saving settings to allow charging in Rest Mode.
  3. To adjust your Power Saving settings, navigate to the "System Settings"
  4. From there, go to the "Power Saving" tab and activate the "Supply Power to USB Ports"
  5. While charging, a white light will blink on your Sense Controller. This is an indication that the charging process is underway. Once charging of controllers is complete, the light will automatically turn off.
  6. To check the battery status of your controllers, go to the "Accessories" menu on your PS5.

How Long Does It Take For The PSVR2 Controllers To Be Fully Charged?

The ZyberVR PSVR2 Charging Dock is a specialized accessory that ensures quick and efficient charging of your controllers. With a charging time of approximately 1.5 hours for depleted batteries, you can enjoy up to five hours of immersive gameplay on the best PSVR2 games. It's important to note that the controllers cannot be used while charging, so developing a habit of charging them after each gaming session is crucial for uninterrupted gameplay.

Is It Possible To Simultaneously Charge Both PSVR 2 Controllers?

Yes, you can charge your PSVR2 controllers simultaneously. The PSVR2 controllers come with a dual charging capability, meaning both controllers can be charged simultaneously. This feature is incredibly convenient, ensuring your controllers are ready for your next gaming session without having to wait for one controller to charge before starting the other. However, remember that while they are charging, the controllers cannot be used for gameplay. So, it's always a good practice to charge them in between your gaming sessions or overnight. This way, you can dive straight into the best PSVR2 games without any interruption.

How Long Does The Battery Of PSVR2 Controllers Last?

The batteries of the PSVR2 controllers typically need to be recharged after approximately four hours of continuous gameplay.

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Understanding the charging dynamics of your PSVR2 controllers can significantly enhance your gaming experience. By using specialized PSVR2 accessories like the ZyberVR PSVR2 Charging Dock, you can ensure your controllers are always ready for action, minimizing interruptions and maximizing your time spent in the immersive worlds of the best PSVR2 games. Remember to adopt good charging practices such as charging your controllers after each use or overnight to maintain consistent gaming sessions.