How To Play PC VR Games On Quest 2 By Using Oculus Link, Air Link, Virtual Desktop - Updated 2024

How To Play PC VR Games On Quest 2 By Using Oculus Link, Air Link, Virtual Desktop - Updated 2024

One of the best things about the Quest and Quest 2 is that you can manually connect them through USB to your gaming PC and play VR games that are more challenging and wouldn't perhaps be able to be played on the headsets.

What is Oculus Link?

Because the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets are entirely wireless, users enjoy it. You may carry it with you wherever you go because it has an internal processor. You can play all of those wonderful PCVR games again after setting up Oculus Link. Although you play the games with your Quest controllers and displays, your PC powers them.

Additionally, the Steam VR or the Oculus Home store has a much larger collection of VR games for PC than the Quest does. Therefore, by setting up Oculus Link, you've increased the number of games available for purchase.

A List Of What You'll Need

1. Cables

Your Quest and PC must be connected using a USB-C cable in order to use Oculus Link. Durability is an advantage of using a wired connection. Depending on your circumstances, the wireless connections (Air Link and Virtual Desktop) may not be as dependable.

You might not need to buy a new cable if you already have one that works with Link. Any USB-C cable that fits with USB 2.0 specifications or higher should function, although USB 3 and higher is recommended. The wire needs to be at least 3 meters long and ideally 5 meters long for the greatest possible range of motion.

2. PC

It's important to note that game requirements can differ from the minimal system requirements because some PCVR games demand more powerful specifications. The following computer specifications are required in order to connect your headset to your PC:

  • OS Windows 10
  • RAM of no less than 8 GB
  • Extra USB 3.0 ports
  • A VR-ready CPU that is at least as powerful as the Intel i5-4590
  • A better graphics card than the NVidia GeForce 1080 for VR.

3. Oculus PC app

Installing the official Oculus PC app will enable Oculus Link and let you use your headset to play PCVR games. The download link for Air Link and Link Cable is available here. If you wish to use Oculus Link to access any of that content, be sure to download Steam and set up SteamVR.

Connecting Via Air Link

When turning on Air Link, a dialog box will appear informing you of the required setup and equipment; click continue. Once activated, you may access Air Link from the Quick Settings menu of the Quest by selecting the bottom left of your Quest taskbar.

You must pair it with your PC the first time you launch Air Link. Choose your PC from the connected devices list that is linked. You might also need to verify a pairing code that is shown to you on your computer.

Start Air Link

Air Link can be launched whenever you want from the Quick Settings option in the Quest toolbar once it has been activated and paired. You should be fine to go as long as your desktop computer is turned on and the Oculus software is active.

Once Air Link has begun, utilizing a PCVR headset or a cable Oculus Link connection to play PCVR games must follow exactly the same steps.

Playing With Virtual Desktop

You may use your PC from within your Quest VR headset with Virtual Desktop, which has a resizable screen in a VR world.

The first step is to get Virtual Desktop's Oculus Quest version from the Oculus store. Install this software on your Quest 2 after downloading it. Next, you must set up the Virtual Desktop streamer application.

Enter the Oculus Username that corresponds with the account that made the virtual desktop purchase and will be used with the Quest in the Virtual Desktop Streamer App.

You should now be able to pair the Quest app and the Streamer app, allowing you to access your PC and each of your games.

Recommened accessories

1. ZyberVR 3M Link Cable - LC01

With a data transfer rate of up to 5G bps, ZyberVR's Oculus Link Cable links a Quest headset to a gaming PC and offers a great PCVR game experience.

2. ZyberVR 5M Link Cable - LC02

3. ZyberVR Charging Cable