Top 11 VR Games Like Blade and Sorcery You Must Play

Top 11 VR Games Like Blade and Sorcery You Must Play

VR gaming has revolutionized the way we experience digital worlds, and one standout title in this genre is Blade and Sorcery. Known for its realistic physics-based combat, this game allows players to engage in intense battles using a variety of weapons and spells.

But if you’ve exhausted all the thrills Blade and Sorcery has to offer, you might be looking for other games that can provide a similar adrenaline rush. Here, we explore some of the best VR games like Blade and Sorcery that you should definitely check out.

1. Swordsman VR

Swordsman VR is for players who crave more realism and challenge. This game demands skill and precision, with a physics-based combat system that requires you to learn and adapt to your opponent’s fighting style. As you progress, you’ll face increasingly tough enemies, making every victory satisfying.

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2. Battle Talent

Battle Talent is a fantastic VR game that brings a unique twist to the genre. Unlike Blade and Sorcery, which focuses on realism, Battle Talent thrives on chaos. This game is often described as a "character action" experience because of its fast-paced, unpredictable encounters.

In Battle Talent, you’ll find sandbox-based levels combined with small dungeons filled with various challenges. The game offers a wide array of weapons, from daggers that shoot bullets to powerful spells that can obliterate enemies from a distance. This mix keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting.

3. Hellsplit: Arena

For those who prefer a darker twist, Hellsplit: Arena offers a blend of horror and medieval combat. Set in a grim, gruesome world, this game pits you against monstrous foes in intense, lifelike battles. The developers describe it as a horror-slasher, and it lives up to this title with its immersive and terrifying atmosphere.

4. Legendary Tales

Legendary Tales recently emerged from early access, delivering a polished dungeon-crawling experience. You can team up with up to three friends to explore dark, eerie dungeons, battling various monsters along the way.

The physics-based combat system will remind you of Blade and Sorcery but with additional RPG elements like character upgrades and randomly-generated loot. The cooperative gameplay adds a layer of strategy and fun, making it a great choice if you enjoy playing with friends.

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5. Monster Collector

Monster Collector is a physics-based VR combat game where you face off against a variety of mythical creatures. From dragons to demons, each encounter offers a unique challenge. You can tear your enemies apart or slice them in half, adding a visceral and satisfying element to the combat.

6. Blade and Sorcery: Nomad

If you love Blade and Sorcery but want a more portable option, Blade and Sorcery: Nomad is perfect. This standalone version retains the core gameplay of the original, offering the same physics-driven combat and a wide array of mods and cheats to enhance your experience.


BONEWORKS combines advanced physics mechanics with a compelling narrative. This VR action-adventure game allows you to navigate through dynamic environments, engage in physics-heavy combat, and solve puzzles. The game's physics system encourages creative interaction with the virtual world, making every encounter unique.

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8. Vengeful Rites

Vengeful Rites aims to provide a full-fledged adventure experience in VR. The game takes you across various locales and dungeons, where you’ll fight enemies, solve puzzles, and search for hidden treasures. With a range of weapons, spells, and abilities to master, Vengeful Rites offers depth and variety that few VR games can match.

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9. Tales of Glory

Tales of Glory sets a new standard for medieval VR combat, combining large-scale battles with intense one-on-one fights. The game features a sandbox campaign that promises over 20 hours of gameplay, ensuring you have plenty of content to explore.

10. Asgard's Wrath

Asgard's Wrath immerses you in the legendary world of Norse mythology. You’ll sharpen your swordplay skills and bring your unique fighting style into epic battles. The game allows you to possess different classes of mortal heroes, solve larger-than-life puzzles, and lead animal warriors into battle.

11. GORN

GORN is known for its over-the-top violence and creative combat mechanics. This VR gladiator simulator allows you to unleash your most violent fantasies in a virtual arena. With a wide range of weapons, from swords to massive warhammers, you can creatively dispatch your enemies in the most brutal ways imaginable.

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If you’re a fan of Blade and Sorcery, these VR games offer similar thrills and experiences. Whether you’re looking for chaotic action, cooperative dungeon crawling, or realistic combat, there’s something on this list for everyone. Each game brings its own unique twist to VR combat, ensuring you’ll find something new and exciting to get into.