Ultimate Guide Of The Darth Maul Mode In Beat Saber

Ultimate Guide Of The Darth Maul Mode In Beat Saber


Since its release, Beat Saber has been a popular game among Quest 2 users. The VR element of Beat Saber's gameplay is one of the game's most unique features. This involves obstacles in the form of real hazards on the route. Spiked mines may appear near blocks that eliminate a substantial portion of your fail meter if you mistakenly hit them. There are also big walls that you must physically move to avoid.

Although Beat Saber focuses on hitting blocks to the beat of the music with separate red and blue lightsabers, mod developers added a Darth Maul mode that let players use the iconic staff saber.

A Short Background Behind The Dark Maul Mod

Darth Maul changed Lucasfilm's famed series with his unique weaponry and innovative combat technique, and he has since become among the most iconic movie villains ever.

Darth Maul's lightsaber has become one of the most legendary weapons in Star Wars, and now the Sith Lord designed the unique weapon for a deadly reason. Darth Maul, the Sith warrior, is among the most renowned villains in the universe of Star Wars and he carries an equally iconic weapon.

Who exactly are the modders?

Modders are members of the community who created the plugins or mods that a Quest 2 user is using. They are not regarded as game developers, but rather mod developers. The plugins are software systems that Quest 2 users install independently into a game directory to modify it with elements that were not previously available.

How to setup Darth Maul Mod in the Beat Saber?

You only need to follow these steps in order to play the Darth Maul mod in Beat Saber:

1. Download the ModSaber Installer from GitHub.

2. Under Gameplay Changes, look for the Darth Maul Plugin.

3. Choose Install/Update.

4. When you're in Beat Saber, tick the No Arrows checkbox.

5. Select the Darth Maul settings.

How to get a Darth Maul saber

A Darth Maul Saber is required to completely immerse yourself in Darth Maul mode. You could choose to DIY your own Darth Maul Saber by tubes or 3D printing, or buy it from the marketplace.

There are various 3D printable accessories that allow you to print your own controller mods. But sometimes the DIY ones are not as sturdy as the mature products. Then it may break your original controllers.

So we recommend you to buy the All-in-one handles from ZyberVR. ZyberVR has done extensive research to perfectly make a extention grips that can be used in different games, including the Darth Maul mode of Beat Saber. It is also the most comfortable and secure.


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James Langley

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