ZyberVR Quest 2 Golf Club Handle
ZyberVR Quest 2 Golf Club Handle
ZyberVR Quest 2 Golf Club Handle
ZyberVR Quest 2 Golf Club Handle
ZyberVR Quest 2 Golf Club Handle
ZyberVR Quest 2 Golf Club Handle
ZyberVR Quest 2 Golf Club Handle

ZyberVR Quest 2 Golf Club Handle

セール価格$34.99 USD 通常価格$48.99 USD

This golf grip offers exceptional build quality, accompanied by a comprehensive package that includes both left and right-hand controller holders, silicone rings to safeguard the halos, two golf training accessories, and a wall mount for the club. The locking buckle is secure and has a satisfying snap that lets you know it's firmly connected. The grip itself feels impressive, even without the controller attachment, and weighs 353 grams with the controller. Overall, this is an excellent product that any golf enthusiast would appreciate.

  • Preset in: Golf+, exVRience Golf Club🏌️ Recommended by VR Golf Bag.
  • Easy to Assemble with the Quick-Release Button: Only one press to lock or release the handle with this patented quick-release button. The handle could be used with either the left or right controller. It is steady without blocking the signal.
  • Shock-resistant Iron Core: Premium aircraft aluminum material with a weight of 12.8oz/362g, which is similar to the real golf club.
  • Professional Silicone Cover as the Real Golf Club: Non-slip and stain-resistant golf club materiel give you the natural feeling of swinging an actual club. 
  • Durable: double lock in the joint part, shock-resistant and durable.
  • Various accessories: Packaged with the arm and wrist bands to ensure safe and fun training.
  • Package Including: Golf Club Handle*1, Left Controller Socket*1, Left Buckle*1, Right Controller Socket*1, Right Buckle*1, Arm Band*1, Wrist Band*1, Silicone Controller Shell*2, Cable Ties*2, Wall Mount*1

    * Please ensure there is enough space for playing to avoid any accidents, such as accidentally colliding with walls or other objects.

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    More Details

    ABS Shell with Patented Quick-lock Buckle

    Left and right controller shell for right and left-handed golfer

    Threaded Anti-loosening Construction for Safer Use

    Design with impact resistance mechanics

    Touch and Hold Like Real Golf

    Solid Aluminium Alloy Wrapped with Authentic Golf Club Rubber

    Rich Add-ons Included

    Velcro Strap for Aiming guidance

    Locked button triggers the aiming line in some golf club VR game to enhance the experience

    Unique Halo Protector

    Protect your quest 2 controllers better. Designed to avoid signal emission points to avoid signal interference.

    Adhesive Wall Hook

    Attaching the ZYBER Golf Club Adpater on the wall and make your gaming space more tidy.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 49 reviews
    Jean Vitale
    Amazing discovery

    The club is really good accessory for my meta quest. Well done, give u great sensation and perfect shot. I improve so much playing golf. I suggest buying it.

    A fun golf accessory for the quest 2

    I never really thought about using my quest 2 for anything related to golfing. It seemed like it would be unnatural and not feel like the real experience. After trying to Zyber Golf Club Attachment I was proven wrong. It fit perfectly on the controller and had very similar feel to a normal golf club grip. It feels really nice and it felt like I was actually golfing. I downloaded the golf plus app to give it a try and was blown away by how close the experience was. I ended playing a nine hole and also the top golf experience with the app and playing for a couple of hours. This is a great way to get new people into the sport or to help you stay a bit more consistent with your swing when you can't make it to the driving range or golf course.With all that being said, this does not replace actually going to the driving range and hitting, but does help with the fundamentals of golf and practice your swings.

    M. Pfeifer
    Good quality product - didn't work for our play style

    Intro - We play Walkabout Mini Golf on our Oculus Quest 2 so when I saw the ZYBER Golf Club Attachment for Oculus Quest 2, it looked like a great thing to add to our VR setup.Unboxing: Inside the box was the club handle (which felt very authentic after removing the plastic wrap), two mounting pieces (Controller Cup and Quick-Lock Buckle) for the right controller and two for the left controller (You only use the 2 parts for whichever controller you swing with - not both), 2 silicon bumpers that fit on the controller rings, the manual, a mounting clip (the thing in my photo with the 2 gray rollers on it), the stick-backed wall mount (the clear thing in the middle of my photo) that the mounting clip slides onto, a Velcro locking tape, and a 2-piece black thing with Velcro straps that the manual didn't reference it anywhere, but an image on the ad page shows these as Golf Posture Correction tools for beginners.Setup: Installing this on the controller only took about 2-minutes. Pull your batter cover off the controller you will use (Left or right), remove the wrist strap, put the cover back on, slip the Quick-Lock Buckle over the ring of the controller, screw the matching Controller Cup onto the top of the club handle (Controller Flange), press the controller handle down into the Controller Cup until the Quick-Lock Buckle clicks into place on the Controller Cup. Put on the silicon bumper on the controller ring and you are ready to go.Using: The game we have in our Quest 2 (the previously mentioned Walkabout Mini Golf) can use the off-hand controller for setting up the game, but once you start playing, you can only use your active swinging controller. That said, to do anything other than swinging at the virtual ball, we had to slide the club down until our hand could reach the buttons on the controller to move, interface with the menu, or look at the course map. It proved quite annoying to have to keep doing this through the game. We also had the fear that we might lose grip of the club since there is no wrist strap in place now.Results: While the design is sound, the quality of the components is good and sturdy, and the fact that is even comes with a unit so you can hang this on a wall when not in use, for what we use it for, it didn't prove that great. Since we play many different games, we have to dismantle this and put the wrist strap back on any time we play golf. This might be perfect for those that play golf with their Quest 2 exclusively or at least the majority of the time, but this just didn't provide enough value over just using the basic controller to play. I do wish there was a way to keep the wrist strap in place on the controller when having the club handle on as that would cut about half the steps to install and remove the thing. Also, having a wrist strap on the club itself to prevent any chance of accidental club launching would also have been nice. I rate the ZYBER Golf Club Attachment for Oculus Quest 2 at 4-Stars.

    Michael D Newton
    Wow my VR golf game improved

    Super well made the product design people did an awesome job. Handle assembled so well and fits the Controller perfectly. I saw a review by MrTasselhof on YouTube and bought immediately. It arrived today I played a round of WMG and wow what a difference this club handle makes highly recommended

    Very very good

    Very good quality. Fast delivery. Easy to mount on your controller nice grip and good looking. Cant ask for anything more

    merle coleman
    Nice feel

    Love the feel of a true golf club. I was using your sport club with the weights. I do miss the weights but I just have to adjust my golf game. Wonderful product.

    Michael Nezerka


    Heavy Duty
    helps with proper posture while playing

    This helps improve my golf game tremendously. I can't imagine playing without it. It gives me good posture and allows me to practice as if i was really out on the course. it is very sturdy.

    Great add to the Golf + game.

    The club is everything it was designed to be. Not afraid of the controller coming off and easy to remove for battery changes.
    The club weight is there I would definitely recommend to a fellow golfer.

    Well made, quality accessory

    The ZYBER Golf Club Attachment for Oculus Quest 2 is a well made accessory. We have several for our Quest 2 and this one is the highest quality among them. It even feels like a real glof club. the controller locks into it firmly (it feels like one piece one connected) and that makes for more realistic swings and puts. Overall the best made Quest 2 accessory we have.

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