Top 11 Gorilla Tag Tips For Beginners - Stay Ahead In The Game

Top 11 Gorilla Tag Tips For Beginners - Stay Ahead In The Game

Gorilla Tag is an exciting VR multiplayer game where you play as colorful gorillas, either tagging others or avoiding being tagged. Although it seems simple, becoming a skilled player requires practice and strategy. Here are some essential beginner tips to help you improve your Gorilla Tag skills.

1. Use Hiding Spots

If running away isn’t working, hiding can be an effective strategy. Find spots that are hard to reach or out of sight. While hiding might seem boring, it can be a game-changer, especially in tense situations. Look for high places or tucked-away corners where other players might not think to look.

However, don’t rely solely on hiding. Balancing between hiding and active movement can keep you unpredictable and less likely to be tagged. Remember, the thrill of the game also comes from the chase, so use hiding spots strategically.

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2. Always Wear Your Wrist Straps

This might seem like a basic tip but it’s crucial. Wearing wrist straps can prevent your controllers from flying off and breaking something, or worse, injuring someone. It also ensures you maintain a good grip on your controllers, which can improve your overall gameplay.

Getting used to the wrist straps might take a little time, but it’s better than accidentally throwing your controller across the room. Secure your wrist straps before every game session to protect your equipment and surroundings.

3. Get Off The Ground

One of the first things new players do is move around on the ground level. It’s straightforward to get around by slamming your gorilla palms into the ground and propelling yourself forward. However, sticking to the ground makes you an easy target for more experienced players. Learning how to climb and jump to higher places can give you a significant advantage.

Start by practicing basic jumps and try to get to elevated spots. It might be challenging initially, but with practice, you'll get the hang of it. Getting above ground level not only provides better vantage points but also makes it harder for others to tag you.

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4. Move Your Hands Parallel To The Ground

Understanding Gorilla Tag’s physics can significantly improve your gameplay. When moving quickly, ensure your palms hit the ground parallel to the surface. This technique helps you maintain speed and control.

When running on flat surfaces, swing your arms backward so that your hands push you forward rather than upward. This movement keeps you grounded and allows you to move faster. The same principle applies to climbing walls: push yourself up rather than away by matching your palm’s angle with the surface.

5. Customize Your Gorilla

Personalizing your gorilla can make the game more enjoyable. Gorilla Tag offers various cosmetics, including hats, badges, and holdables. You earn 100 Shiny Rocks daily, which you can use to buy these items from the City Map store.

Customizing your gorilla not only makes you stand out but also adds a personal touch to your gaming experience. Check out the different Gorilla Tag cosmetics and find a style that suits you.

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6. Master The Art Of Juking

Juking is a technique where you change direction unexpectedly to throw off your pursuer. This can be a lifesaver when someone is chasing you down. To juke effectively, make sudden turns or jumps to confuse the tagger. For example, if you’re climbing a tree, push off suddenly in a different direction to escape.

Physical movement can enhance your juking. Turn your body swiftly while changing directions to keep your movements fluid and deceptive. With practice, you can easily shake off one or two pursuers and buy yourself some crucial time.

7. Gain The High Ground

Positioning yourself above other players can give you a significant advantage. By climbing trees or getting to higher platforms, you can launch surprise attacks on unsuspecting players below. This tactic is especially useful when playing as the tagger.

When players can’t see you coming, they have less time to react, making it easier for you to tag them. Practice getting to high spots quickly and use the element of surprise to your benefit.

8. Understand Ghosts In Gorilla Tag

Sometimes, you might encounter bots that look or act strangely. These are known as Gorilla Tag ghosts. They never wear cosmetics and often have unnatural features, like extra-long arms. While there are rumors that ghosts can ban players, this isn’t true. Understanding these bots can help you avoid unnecessary panic during the game.

9. Don’t Stay On The Ground

While it might feel safer to stick to the ground, it leaves you vulnerable. Other players can easily target you from above. Instead, use ramps, trees, and other structures to move around. Staying off the ground makes you a harder target and gives you more escape routes.

10. Play With Friends For More Fun

Gorilla Tag is more enjoyable with friends. Create private rooms and share the code with your friends for a more controlled and enjoyable experience. Playing with friends allows you to coordinate better and have more fun, as opposed to playing with random people who might not communicate as well.

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11. Use Long Arm Extensions For An Advantage

In Gorilla Tag, having longer arms can give you an edge. Using accessories like the ZyberVR Dual Handles Extension Grips can extend your reach, making it easier to tag others and climb higher. While long arms are mostly a visual quirk, they can help you interact with the game environment more effectively.


Mastering Gorilla Tag takes practice and a bit of strategy. By getting off the ground, utilizing hiding spots, mastering juking, and understanding the game’s physics, you can significantly improve your gameplay. Don’t forget to customize your gorilla, use your wrist straps, and play with friends for the best experience.

With these tips, you’ll be tagging less and tagging others more in no time. Enjoy the game and have fun becoming the best gorilla you can be! What tips or tricks have you found most helpful in Gorilla Tag?

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