Gorilla Tag introduction and recommended long arm accessories

Gorilla Tag introduction and recommended long arm accessories

Another Axiom was the one that published Gorilla Tag, a free multiplayer VR game developed by LemmingVR who is a YouTuber. The game was created in Unity and is compatible with most PC-compatible virtual reality headsets as well as Meta Quest, designed to allow for cross-platform play with both SteamVR and Meta Quest.

Gorilla Tag is a VR game in which players must tag each other in a basic, primal tagging game. This game is easy to learn and play, but it provides a fun and interactive multiplayer VR experience.

Gorilla Tag: Gameplay Overview

There are only 2 actual game modes in Gorilla Tag: Infection and Hunt. In the Infection game, a Lava Monkey will chase the other players, who will become Lava Monkeys once tagged; the game ends when everyone is caught. In the Hunt game mode, you catch a specific player while another catches you; once caught, you transform into an Ice Monkey where you will have a slower movement speed.

There are 5 major environments in the game: forest, city, canyon, cave, and mountain. Each map has unique characteristics that will challenge you to master various movement mechanics. Forest is about climbing, City has an obstacle course, Canyon favors wall-running, Cave is located beneath the Forest, and Mountain includes slides.

How To Play Gorilla Tag:

  1. Download Gorilla Tag from the Quest Store.

  1. Launch the Gorilla Tag game.
  2. You will be asked to either create a new account or just sign in if you already have one.
  3. You'll be taken to the main lobby after you log in where you will see a huge tree with several branches.

  1. To participate in a game, approach a branch and push the A button on your controller and you will see a list of games that are in progress.

  1. To join a game, select one game and push the A button on your controller.
  2. The game will begin automatically, and you will be taken to the game lobby.
  3. If you want to end the game, press the Menu button on your controller.

Recommended Accessories:

1. ZyberVR Dual Handles Extension Grips
2. ZyberVR All-in-One Fitness Handles

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