What Games Could The ZyberVR All-in-One Handles Play With?

What Games Could The ZyberVR All-in-One Handles Play With?

ZyberVR is continually evolving to offer Meta Quest 2 users a unique experience. The all-in-one extended handles are perfect for those people who want to level up their gaming experience. Those who are inclined to VR fitness games such as Beat Saber, Golf+, Supernatural, Kayak VR, and others, will definitely like this accessory as it can help them immerse themselves in the virtual world.

What Are The Features Of The ZyberVR All-In-One Handles?

There are so many features of these all-in-one handles that will make you purchase one.

 1. It has 3 modes. Dual handle mode, Short handle mode, and Long handle mode.  

2. Quick-lock buckle. This will help you easily set up the accessory with your controllers. This way, there's no need to be concerned about the controller shaking or falling to the floor while you're playing a game.

3. Composed of high-quality reinforced ABS plastic. It is made of durable materials so you won’t worry about it breaking easily after falling off the ground.

4. Comfortable grips. The soft silicone cover with a non-slip pattern adds comfort.

5. Each grip attachment has 2x1oz/30g weight bars. You can add up to 2 weight bars to the handle to increase exercise intensity.

ZyberVR extended handles can be used in different games because of its 3-mode feature.

What Games Could ZyberVR All-in-One Handles Play With?

Dual Handle Mode: BeatSaber, AudioTrip, FitXR, Supernatural VR, Synth Riders, Ragnarock, Smash Drums, BoomBox, Fruit Ninja, First Person Tennis, Eleven Table Tennis

Putting on 2 added weights of 78.9g will let you immerse yourself more into these games. The length of each handle will be about 21.5cm so it’s perfect if you want to have a quick workout as it involves less setup process.

Short Handle Mode: Golf+, Walkabout Mini Golf, Golf 5 eClub, Exvrience, Gorilla Tag

The short handle mode is perfect for VR golf games and other similar VR games. Since it is made of the same silicone material as golf clubs, it will help you feel like you're actually playing golf in reality. To play with this mode, you just need to attach the shift linkage rod to the right/left handle.

Long Handle Mode: Blade and Sorcery; Beat Saber; Kayak VR: Mirage, Sword of Gargantua

The long handle mode is definitely built for sword games and the Darth Maul mode is in Beat Saber. It will be 56.7 cm long once you have attached both handles to the shift linkage rod. This will also help you feel like you’re actually holding a sword, lightsaber, or paddle.

How To Set Up The ZyberVR Extended Handles For Quest 2

The ZyberVR All-in-One Controller Extended Handle is simple to set up. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • 1. Unbox ZyberVR all-in-one extended handles.
  • 2. Remove the battery cover of your controller to remove its wrist straps.
  • 3. Place back the battery cover.
  • 4. Then, using the quick-lock buckles, safely secure your controller. You must hear a snap to make sure that it was attached in the proper way.
  • 5. Do the same procedure with the other controller.

You can adjust the modes depending on which game you are playing.


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