The Best Meta Quest 2 Golf Games For 2024 And Recommended Accessories

The Best Meta Quest 2 Golf Games For 2024 And Recommended Accessories

Are you a golf enthusiast looking to take your love for the sport to the next level? Then the Oculus Quest 2 might just be the perfect VR headset for you. With its advanced tracking and motion controllers, the Quest 2 offers a highly immersive and realistic golfing experience that will have you feeling like you're on the course.

How Virtual Reality Is Redefining the Way You Play Golf

Virtual reality is redefining golf by delivering interactive experiences that were previously impossible. Although virtual reality has been there for a while, it hasn't been until recently that the technology has improved sufficiently to make sports experiences that are actually realistic.

Players may now view and participate in golf tournaments on golf courses all around the world through Oculus golf games without ever leaving their homes. As a result, players can experience the course and learn how to play it before participating by using VR during actual golf tournaments. In addition to giving the gamer a more realistic experience, this enables them to better get ready for the competition.

According to VR Fitness Insider, exercising regularly can lower risk factors like extra body weight and poor circulation. Maintaining joint flexibility, enhancing range of motion, and promoting muscle mass retention are all benefits of an exercise program that can help you avoid injuries.

Top 4 Oculus Quest 2 Golf Games

It can be challenging to find the ones that offer the most realistic and enjoyable golfing experiences. That's why we've put together a list of the best Oculus Quest 2 golf games for 2023.

1. Golf+

Golf+ offers mini golf, Top Golf, and the chance to play real golf courses in your home. GolfScope Inc. is the developer of Golf+ VR. They are a small group of golf enthusiasts. Initially, they developed an augmented reality (AR) tool named GoldScope that you may use to enhance your game in actual play.


TopGolf, match play, and round play is all available in multiplayer. You can choose to play a private game with just your friends, compete against a random person, or fight against a bot. You can try putting on a practice green while you wait if you decide to play with a random player.

The Experience

You have four courses to choose from in campaign mode, with options for both beginner and pro players. The pro mode is essentially the same, although it gives you less direction over where to place your balls. You must receive a grade of Par or lower for that level in order to advance to the following course in the campaign.

You can play a course again whenever you want for fun after you've completed it. You will open boxes that contain entertaining cosmetic accessories like golf balls, golf hats, and trails as you advance through the campaign.

2. Walkabout Mini Golf

All the aspects of mini golf that you enjoy most about the actual game are included in Walkabout Mini Golf VR. The game has precise mechanics, many courses, and a ton of multiplayer excitement.

Mighty Coconut is the developer of Walkabout Mini Golf. They are an Austin, Texas-based gaming and entertainment studio. The group has also produced a number of other AR films and experiences.


Setting up a mini-golf room is quick and simple, and you may invite friends, strangers, or both to play with you. You just need to create a room, choose the private party experience, tell your friends about it and start playing mini putt.

With the help of this game, many families that live far apart can play mini-putt together and have just as much fun. Most people believe this to be the best and most straightforward online multiplayer experience.

The Experience

You can continue playing a mini golf course in a pirate cave after you complete the brief tutorial. The graphics are incredibly creative, and the waterfalls, beach waves, and flickering torch sound effects will make you feel like you're actually there.

The maps in Walkabout mini golf aim for a similarly straightforward and lovely fantasy sense. The various courses cover a wide range of themes, including space, cherry blossom gardens, and Celtic themes. You will definitely discover a few courses to fit your mood.

3. Golf 5 eClub

Users can choose to play in a real-world setting in Golf 5 E Club, which was developed by AAA Games Studios. Users can also practice their long game and putting with it. You may improve your game, maintain course fit, and take on various challenges with the help of the Golf 5 E Club.


Online competition and communication are possible while playing 18 holes with family and friends from across the globe.

The Experience

The unique aspect of the Golf 5 E Club VR game is that you may play an entire round on the Dunes course from any location. Additionally, the virtual driving range allows you to work on your long game.

4. CloudLands 2

With choices for both regular and mini-golf, Cloudlands 2 is an entertaining, casual golf game. It has single-player and multiplayer options, a campaign mode, and a course editor that lets you design really difficult holes that you can upload online.

CloudLands 2 was developed by a group of VR enthusiasts called Futuretown. They are a group of twelve creators who are passionate about defining the direction of entertainment.


Up to 4 players can play together using the online multiplayer feature. You can make a room, invite your friends to it, and then you can all go play some golf. By sharing a headset between you, you and your buddies can play local multiplayer together. Voice communication within the game is completely supported.

The Experience

CloudLands 2 offers a good selection of courses, including both regular golf holes and mini-golf holes. The standard golf swing technique is effective. But on typical golf holes, particularly when putting, the power level looks odd.

All of the holes are accessible in single-player quickplay, online multiplayer, and pass-and-play multiplayer, despite the game's brief campaign, which guides the player through each hole on each of the game's three courses.

Accessories To Use When Playing Golf Games On Meta Quest 2

1. ZyberVR Golf Club Handle

2. ZyberVR All-In-One Handle

Level up your Oculus golf experience by putting it to your controller. By having this, playing Meta Quest 2 golf games wouldn’t be the same as ever.

3. ZyberVR Multi-Purpose Handles


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