Top 10 Free Meta Quest Games For Kids (2024)

Top 10 Free Meta Quest Games For Kids (2024)

When it comes to kids, selecting the right VR games is crucial for their safety and enjoyment. Meta Quest, a leading VR platform, recommends users be at least 13 years old. However, many parents wonder if it's suitable for younger children. This article will guide you through some of the best free Meta Quest games for kids, ensuring they have fun while staying safe.

1. Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag stands out due to its unique movement system. Instead of using buttons or sticks, players move by using their hands and arms. This physical interaction makes the game more engaging and intuitive, especially for kids who enjoy active play. The motion involves pushing off surfaces to jump and using hand grips to climb, providing a fun and physical VR experience.


Kids can play with friends in private rooms or join public matches to meet new players. The game supports crossplay with PC versions, allowing for a wider range of interactions and competitions. This social interaction is crucial for developing teamwork and communication skills.

To see the latest Gorilla Tag events, make sure to join the ZyberVR discord community by clicking this link.

2. ForeVR Cornhole

ForeVR Cornhole brings the classic lawn game into the virtual world with impressive realism. The game's physics are finely tuned to replicate the feel of throwing beanbags, making it a fun and authentic experience. Players can choose from over 50 unique bags and boards, each with its own design and characteristics.

The game also includes five stunning halls where players can compete, each providing a different backdrop for cornhole matches. ForeVR Cornhole supports private and quick match multiplayer modes, allowing kids to play with friends or challenge others online.

3. Noclip VR

Noclip VR features unique locomotion mechanics that enhance the feeling of exploration. Additionally, the game includes proximity chat, allowing players to communicate with others nearby, which is great for teamwork and social interaction.

The game is free to play but for those who want more content, there's a Supporter Bundle available for $10. This bundle unlocks additional levels, exclusive skins, and a supporter badge, offering more depth and variety.

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4. Rec Room

Rec Room is a social and creative platform where kids can build and play games together. It's a place to chat, hang out, and explore millions of user-created rooms, making it a versatile and engaging experience. Players can customize their avatars with various clothing and accessories, allowing them to express their personal style and creativity.

With millions of user-created rooms, there's always something new to explore. Kids can play games designed by others or create their own using the Maker Pen tool. The Maker Pen tool is a powerful feature that lets players create anything from simple objects to complex worlds.

5. Penguin Paradise

Set in a charming arctic environment, Penguin Paradise allows kids to engage in various activities such as snowball fights, skiing, and exploring the icy landscape. Players can customize their penguins with different skins and accessories, adding a personal touch to their in-game characters.

The game also includes social features, allowing players to interact with friends and participate in mini-games, making it a fun and engaging experience.

6. Monkey Doo

Monkey Doo takes players to the heart of the Bermuda Triangle, featuring diverse environments such as jungles, forests, ancient ruins, and lava chasms. Each map offers unique challenges and adventures.

The Ruby Mines offer a seemingly endless set of tunnels filled with new NPCs and lore. Players can unlock exclusive rewards like cosmetics, boosters, and more. Players can also customize their monkeys with different colors, face and head cosmetics, and various accessories, adding a layer of personalization to the game.

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7. Bait!

Bait! is a popular VR fishing game that has been enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. It offers a relaxing and immersive fishing experience. The game features eight different lakes, each with its own unique fish species. Players can explore these locations and try to catch over 60 types of fish.

Castor's Cove is a social destination within the game where players can engage in various activities such as beach ball, stone skipping, and RC boat racing. This adds more fun and variety to the fishing experience.

8. Roblox

Roblox is a versatile platform that offers a lot of experiences, catering to a wide range of interests and preferences. It provides a diverse and dynamic environment where kids can explore, create, and connect with others in different ways.

The platform offers a wide range of activities, from exploring the surface of Mars to building architectural marvels. Players can customize their avatars with countless clothing and accessories options, allowing them to create unique and personalized characters.

9. Elixir

Elixir places players in the role of an apprentice to a sorceress, tasked with feeding, washing, and documenting mysterious creatures. The game is filled with humor and whimsical elements, making it a delightful experience.

Players will engage in various activities such as maintaining delicate contraptions and experimenting in an unstable alchemy lab. These tasks are designed to be fun and engaging, adding to the game's charm.


GYM CLASS - BASKETBALL VR is an exciting sports virtual reality game that offers a variety of sports and activities for players to enjoy.  Players can enjoy full-court basketball games with realistic simulation physics, allowing them to experience the thrill of shooting hoops and making slam dunks.

The game offers social worlds where players can hang out and interact with others in virtual environments. Take on challenging AI opponents in single-player matches, honing your skills and improving your gameplay.

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These games offer a range of activities, from thrilling adventures and creative building projects to social hangouts and relaxing pastimes. While VR gaming can be a fantastic way for children to have fun and learn, it's still essential to monitor their usage and ensure they're playing age-appropriate games.