How to choose a PC VR link cable for your VR headset

How to choose a PC VR link cable for your VR headset

What Is the VR Link Cable?

A VR link cable allows users to play content from devices such as smartphones or computer programs that are compatible. The link cable also functions as a charging unit for the Meta Quest's built-in battery.

The original Meta Quest link cable is really quite expensive for $79. This is why people frequently turn to other options to help them connect their VR headsets to other devices. Fortunately, ZyberVR has the ideal replacement that can be used as a VR link cable for your Meta Quest.

How To Choose VR Link Cable

1. Length

The length is especially important. Check that the cable allows you to move around freely. A 5-meter Meta Quest 2 link cable compatible with your Quest 2 is suitable.

2. Bandwidth

Take into account the cable's bandwidth, which indicates how quickly data can move through the cables. A 20 Gbps bandwidth and a VR streaming speed of up to 2000 Mbps can help you enjoy VR content in a more seamless and smoother way.

3. Versatility

The VR cable must have a 90° angle to create a stable connection as well as a better fit while having a long-distance transmission support. The ZyberVR link cable's humanized 90° port allows users to connect 2 devices at a 90° angle without the need for any special tools.

4. Materials used

A VR link cable with an oxidized aluminum alloy shell is flexible and easy to connect to your VR headset or computer. The ZyberVR link cable, which also has a pure copper core and multi-layer shielding, can effectively prevent information interference.

5. LED indicator

A good link cable has an added feature like the innovative green LED power indicator so you would know if the device has already been connected.

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