How to clean an Oculus lenses properly and quickly

How to clean an Oculus lenses properly and quickly

When playing with the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, it is easy to get the VR lenses blurry with dirt like sweat, grease, make-up, and dust, which are easy to be left on the headset. You should clean that dirt up for a clear vision, immersed VR experience, and well-maintained device.

How to clean the Oculus lenses

By a microfiber cloth

How to clean the oculus lenses depends on what tools you have gotten. At least you should have a cleaning and soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth. If you only get a microfiber cloth at hand, the first thing you should do is blow the dust off the lenses, in case the dust will scratch the lenses. The second thing is using a cloth to wipe the lenses. We suggest you should clean the lenses go around in circles, moving from the center of the lens outward. This will better protect the lenses when there are small particles on the lenses.

By a cleaning kit

If you have got an Oculus cleaner tools like the ZyberVR VR headset cleaner kit. You could clean the headset lenses easier and deeper. First, use the air blower to remove loose dust particles from your headset lenses. The large airbag and long blowing nozzle provide a powerful air stream to clean the dust even in the deep crevice. Then you could use the soft pen brush to wipe the dirt in every crevice. After that, you could apply the carbon cleaning head to stick the dust that remained. The last step is to use the micro fiber wipe lightly and gently go around in circles moving from the center of the lens outward. If a little extra pressure is required for tougher smudges and grime then that is fine. But start light and only give a little extra if needed. And then give the lens a quick top-up that you won’t need any pressure.

Tips to keep the headset lenses clean

After cleaning the lenses, how to store the headset properly is also important. It is better to use lenses protect cover. This will reduce the dust that is lost on your headset when you don’t use it. It is cheap, and most ZyberVR carrying cases give the lens protection cover as a gift.

Another tip is using the throwaway face pieces. This will reduce the work of cleaning, especially when many people share one headset. Using the disposable face cover is much more hygienic.

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