Must have PICO 4 VR accessories of 2023 (keep updating)

Must have PICO 4 VR accessories of 2023 (keep updating)

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Currently the VR technology is mostly used in video games and filming. If you want to experience extraordinary game experience, you should have a try on the VR headset. And PICO 4 is the latest consumer grade VR headset with an very economic price. The Pico 4 features a redesigned pancake lens optical system and a next-generation design. Since the lens and display are so close together, the front box is smaller. For improved weight distribution, the built-in battery is located in the back of the headset..

When playing VR rhythmic games like Beat Saber, you can relax your full body, exercise your arms, legs and wrist. In the VR boxing game, you can experience the pleasure of power and fighting. In the pingpong game, you could race and exchange skills with pingpong enthusiasts all round the world just like in the real world. In the shooting game, you could experience FPS. And there are much more games waiting for you to explore, like rock climbing, boating, tennis, RPG games, and so on. If you pair with the related professional accessories, you could get some immersed and real experience.

There's a slew of PICO 4 accessories available to make you feel more comfortable and enrich your VR experience while playing. We will introduce some typical products.

Pico 4 Recommended Accessories:

1. PICO 4 Headstrap

2. Pico 4 Face Cover

3. ZyberVR Link Cable (LC02)

You will be able to connect your Meta Quest 2 to a gaming PC and play all PC VR games. It has a data and power transmission rate of 20 Gbps and a VR streaming capacity of up to 2000 Mbps.

4. ZybeVR Sling Bag With USB Port

This travel cover for Meta Quest 2 and Pico 4 is great for protecting and charging your headsets wherever you go. The external USB charging port allows you to charge the device without having to remove it.

5. PICO 4 Prescription Lenses

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